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RAMSETH, Anne Matea Knudsdatter
RAMSETH, Berthe Marie Knudsdatter
RAMSETH, Iver Knudsen
RAMSETH, Karen Knudsdatter
RAMSETH, Karen Mathea "Caroline"
RAMSETH, Knut Knudsen
RAMSETH, Kristina Sofia Knudsdatter
RAMSETH, Maren Andrine Knudsdatter
RAMSETH, Petronella Jonea Knudsdatter
RAMSETT, Berte "Bertha" Marie
Ramsett, Bertha Elizabeth
RAMSETT, Christoffer
Ramsett, Eric Charles
Ramsett, Grace Alma
Ramsett, Harold Dr.
Ramsett, Henry J.
RAMSETT, Knute Syverson
Ramsett, Louise Anna
RAMSETT, Peder Andreas "Andrew"
RAMSETT, Syver Knudsen
Ramsett, Willard Henry
Ramsey, Sarah Ann
Reed, Eliza Ann
Reese, Hannah
Reese, Jean Anita
Reese, Margaret
Reid, Asenath
Reve, Isolde
Reynolds, "infant"
Reynolds, Clarence Clifford
Ridder, James
RMMERUD, Hans Olsen
RMMERUD, Kathrine Hansdatter
Rohr, Christopher
Rohr, Hilary Jordan
Rohr, Margaret Colleen
ROKVAM, Anne Harkildsdatter
ROKVAM, Anne Olsdatter
ROKVAM, Harkild Anderson
ROKVAM, Ingrid Andersdatter
ROMSÅS, Erik Knudsen
ROMSÅS, Haldor Haldorsen
ROMSÅS, Iver Knudsen
ROMSÅS, Kirsten Jonsdatter
ROMSÅS, Knud Eriksson
ROMSÅS, Marit Pedersdatter
ROMSÅS, Ole Knudsen
ROMSÅS, Peder Haldorsen
ROMSÅS, Torgun Haldorsdatter
Root, Sarah
Root, Thomas
Roth, Margot Elizabeth
RSSUM, Amund Ivarsson
RSSUM, NN Amundsdatter
RSSUM, NN Ivarsdatter
RSSUM, NN Ivarsdatter
RUDI, Guttorm Hansen
Russell, Francis
Russell, Jennie
Ryberg, Anna
Rydningsouen, Erik Otterson
Rydningsoyen, Bollog Eirik
Rydningsoyen, Sigri Bollogsdaughter

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