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Cam, Lois
Carlson, August
Carlson, Selma Eleanora
Carpenter, Ebenezer
Carpenter, Eunice
Chamberlain, Rachael
Chesebrough, Bridget
Christensdatter, Siri
Christenson, Anna
Christenson, Berndt
Christenson, Christina
Christenson, Hendrik
Christenson, Johanna
Clark, Sarah
Clendenning, Elizabeth Jane
Cloven, Charlotta
Coats, Hepsibah
Coogan, C. Michael
Coogan, Cullen Christopher
Coogan, Ryan Francis
Cook, Isaac
Corkins, Charles Wesley
Corkins, Delmar Orin
Corkins, Edwin Emery
Corkins, Emery Elmer
Corkins, Estella May Corkins
Corkins, Fredrick Beldon
Corkins, Marietta Bernice
Corkins, Robert Emery
Costas, Janice
Cover, Alonzo
Cover, Ann Elizabeth
Cover, Lucinda
Cover, Sarah
Cover, Washington A
Cover, William
Cummings, Ann
Curtis, Susan Dunsieth

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