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Main, Wayne
Malmkvist, Johan
Malmquist, Christine
Malmquist, Claudia
Malmquist, Gary Lee
Malmquist, Jane
Malmquist, Jeffrey David
Malmquist, Jennifer Ruth
Malmquist, John Lewis
Malmquist, John Stanley
Malmquist, Joshua Daniel
Malmquist, Malte Olof
Malmquist, Marguerite Charlotta
Malmquist, Milton George
Malmquist, Scott
Malmquist, Zoe Ann
Mansson, Anders
MARK, Inger Bergersdatter
Martensson Sr., Ola
Martinson Jr., Ola
Mattisdotter, Bengta
Mattson, Peter Albin
McCool, Elisha
McDanel, Brooke Rae
McDermott, Liz
McElroy, Price
McElroy, Vendla Lillyblad
McGinley, Sarah Ann
McGovern, Helen
McGovern, Joseph P.
McKenzie, Agnes
McKinnon, Michael
McLeod, Unknown
Meier, Tad
MELBY, Anne Axelsdatter Fron
MELBY, Anne Axledatter
MELBY, Ole Tjstelsen
MELBY, Rnnaug Olsdatter
Mikk, Tohu
Miraglia, Charlen M. Ness
Monical, Unknown
Mount, Rebecca

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