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Laing, Agnes Sigrid
Laing, Andrew MacKenzie
Laing, Jean MacKenzie
Laing, John
Laing, John MacKenzie
Laing, William MacKenzie
Landheim, Jon Gunderson
Langdahlen, Anne Olsdatter
Langdalen, Gunder
Langdalen, Gunder Jonsen
Langdalen, Joda
Langdalen, Kari Jonsdaughter
Langdalen, Sigrid Syvertsdatter
Langdalen, Sivert Olsen
Lange, Hannah
Larsdotter, Sissa
Larsen, Brian Jacob
Larsen, Chad Brian
Larsen, Ivan Spencer
Larsen, Katherine Nicole
Larsen, Shane David
Larsen, Todd Matthew
Larsson, Anna
Larsson, Mans
Lessar, Mary Ann
Levy, Michael
Lidstone, Harold Bennett
Lillyblad, Amber
Lillyblad, Arthur
Lillyblad, Baby girl
Lillyblad, Daniel Fred
Lillyblad, Donald George
Lillyblad, George
Lillyblad, Heather Noel
Lillyblad, Jack
Lillyblad, Jack Robert
Lillyblad, Lenard
Lillyblad, Lenore
Lillyblad, Lorina Patricia
Lillyblad, Ronald James
Lillyblad, Vendla
Lindse, Joda Iverdatter Nedre
Little, Hannah
Lorentz, Kelly Marie
Loughlen, Milo B.
LUNDE, Jon Olsen
LUNDE, Ole Jonsson

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