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Hadrych, Mary Irene Cronin
Hanson, Albert
Hanson, Beatta
Hargrave, Jennifer Kathleen
HARILSTAD, Arne Kolbeinsson
Hatch, George
Hatch, Sarah
Hatton, Andrea
HAUGJE, Karen Guttormsdatter
HAUGJE, Maren Jacobsdatter
Haworth, James
Haworth, Jemima
Haworth, Sarah (Sara)
Haworth, Susannah
Hench, Valerie
Hill, Levi P.
Hines, Rosella
Hirschfield, Lucille
Hjelm, Vendla Charlotta
Hochsprung, Emilie Wilhemine Theresa
Hochsprung, Wilhelm
Holloway, George
Holman, Justin
Huckstep, Lydia
Huckstep, Stephen
Hyckes, Margaret

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