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Saleck, Karen Marie
SANDBU, Anne Amundsdatter
SANDBU, Ivar Amundsen Gjesling
SANDBU, Ivar Gunnarson
SANDBU, Ivar Tjstelson
SANDBU, Kari Amundsdatter
SANDBU, Roar Arnesson
SANDBU, Synnve Ivarsdatter Eldjarn
SANDBU, Tjstel Ivarson
SANDBU, UPPIGARD, Gunnar Ivarson
SANDBU, UPPIGARD, Ivar Gunnarson
Savage, Charles W.
Savage, Charlotte L.
Savage, Elmer H.
Savage, James D.
Savage, John
Savage, Noah W.
Savage, Rose M.
Savage, William I.
Schlosser, Doris Ilene
Schuette, Claudia Jean
Schuette, Dawn Louise
Schuette, Donald Richard
Schuette, Elizabeth Lynn
Schuette, Ross Donald
Schuette, Wade Frederick
Selvage, Colette
Shank, Barbara Ellen
Shank, Elizabeth
Shank, Emanuel
Shank, Issac
Shank, John
Shank, Sharah
Shank, Susana
Sherwood, Elizabeth
Sherwood, Mary Jane
Shook, Mildred Eleanor
Sickner, Thelma
Simahaug, Ola Johssen
Sines, Randy Dwain
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Mary Edna
Solie, David Andrew III
SOLLIMOEN, Christen Knudsen
Steelman, Charles Francis Peter
Steelman, Edna Vada Lano
Steelman, Edwin Oscar
Steelman, Lano Marguerite
Steelman, Margaret Elnora May
Steelman, Mary Arvilla Pearl
Steelman, unknown
Steelman, William Edwin Thomas
Steinarsdatter, NN
Steinmetz, Ruth Nordrum
STENE, John Bjrnsen
STENE, Mads Bjrnson
STENE, Ole Madsen
Stephens, Edwin
Stephens, Edwin
Stephens, Jimmie
Stephens, Kale
Stephens, Mildred
Stephens, Peter Olsen
Stone, Kathy
Stoydalen, Marit Mikkelsdtr.
Svensdotter, Anna
SVENSRUD, Amund Knudson
SVENSRUD, Erik Knudsen
SVENSRUD, Gjertrud Knudsdatter
SVENSRUD, Ingeborg Knudsdatter
SVENSRUD, Ivar Knudson
SVENSRUD, Johannes Knudson
SVENSRUD, Knud Iversen
SVENSRUD, Olav "Ole" Knudson
Swanson, David
Swanson, Frank
Swanson, Jennifer Susan

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