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FAGERNES, Christian Gulbrandsen
FAGERNES, Gudbrand Christiansen
FAGERNES, Hans Knudsen
FAGERNES, Iertrud Knudsdatter
FAGERNES, Iver Knudsen
FAGERNES, Jens Knudsen
FAGERNES, Mari Olsdatter
FAGERNES, Ole Christiansen
Fellman, Amy
Fellman, Douglas
Fellman, Eric
Fellman, Joanette
Fellman, Judy Lee
Fellman, Juli Ann
Fellman, Maynard
Fellman, Peter
Fellman, Todd Marshall
Fiers, Ada
Fiers, Anna Aka Emma
Fiers, Charles
Fiers, Fred
Fiers, Grace
Fiers, James
Fiers, James
Fiers, John
Fiers, Mary
Fiers, William Ayres
Fifer, Emile
Fokkstugun, Marit Bollagsdatter
FORSET, Iver Olavson
FORSET, Olav Iversson
Fowler, Dorothy
French, Amy
Frieden, Marlys Ann
Frye, Richard

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