Family, Friends. and Touring

An All American Transcontinental (almost) Road Trip - Part One

June 24 - July 24, 2009

Bruce and Bobbie Outside of Grand Canyon National Park

July 14, 2009 (Bastille Day) marked our 30th Anniversary so we decided on'Summer Travels' that incorporated Family, Friends, and some old fashion touring for ourselves. Our only regret is that we didn't have the time and energy to include more of you in our itinerary. I was apprehensive at the outset as to how my stamia would handle such extensive traveling. This was the year of Midwest travelimg to MO. My mother had a stroke in February which required surgery so we made a trip then followed by another in April over Spring Break which was a long and short trip but one I felt had to be made. Summer allowed us to be more relaxed and leisurely in our travels.

Those of you who know Bobbie realize that she can be perceived as 'OCD' at times. If there is anyone capable of planning and organizing a trip of this scope, that person is my wife. We had an Assistant Principal a number of years ago at PVHS who referred to Bobbie as a lioness whenever my safety, reputation, or well being was concerned. I am not so sure such a remark falls very short from the mark especially since I got sick. Between the two 'O' words I think I prefer 'Organized' over 'Obsessive' but my role in this trip was simply one of observer and participant. Just getting me from place to place and ensuring we had roll-in showers everywhere we stopped was quite an accomplishment in itself.

Where Did Our Sojourn Take Us?

We first went to West Virginia to visit Bobbie's mother and sisters as well as her hometown of Ripley, WV. Then it was on to Indianapolis, IN to visit Bruce's sister, Anne, and her family. That trip was followed by visiting Brian and Cile in Nashville, TN. He is brother # 4. We then took two days on way to Lee's Summit, MO where Bruce's mother and her husband (step-father), George, live. Brothers # 1 and # 3 (David and Doug) both live in Missouri and we spent July 4th at Doug's home. There were nephews and nieces as well as great-nephews and great-nieces (Four Generations of Johnsons).

Then Bobbie and I accompanied by Dave and Janie took off for new sights and Vistas in KS, NM, AZ, and UT. In Moab, Utah we parted ways with Dave and Janie.

Ripley, West Virginia

Bobbie and her Mother

Bobbie's Hometown

After visiting family and some old familiar sights, we went to Indianapolis, IN. Nota Bene: Ripley is also known for having the largest small town celebration of July 4th. This I have only been told though.

Indianapolis, Indiana

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

A Visit With a Jedi

Uncle Bruce

Our Visit with the Dinosaurs

Then it was off to the King Tut Exhibit but unfortunately, especially for Bobbie, Photography wasn't allowed.

Moments and Poses around the Museum

Nashville, Tennessee

(Brian, Cile, and Bruce)

July 4, 2009 at Doug and Sue Johnson's

in Harrisonville, MO

(Brooke, Janie, and Merideth)

(Matt Cooking)

(Dad with Chase)

(Uncle Doug with Luke and Kyler)

(Bobbie's Lacerated Thumb)

(Luke Contemplating his Next Step)

(Kyler with her Dad)

(Who is sitting at the side oblivious to his surroundings conversing with the Universe?)

(Mark and Kyler)

(George watching his step.)

(Kathy, Chase, and Mom)

(Mom and George)

(Bobbie and Kash)

(Kathy and Chris)

(Janie always at work.)

(Chase, Kathy, and Brooke)

(The Sisters)


(Brooke and Matt)

(Sue figuring out Facebook.)

(What happened to the ball?)

(Batter Up!)

(Chris listening intently but to what?)

(Who looks most confused in this picture?)

(I am not sure about that, Chase. Yet, you just may know more than me.)

(You wouldn't believe what I just saw, Mom!)

(Uncle Mark, what is in your eye?)

(Matt and Doug)

(Activity of some sort?)

Dave and Bruce (Maior et Minor)

(Merideth's eyes tell it all!)

(A July 4th Tradition for Young and Old)

David, Janie, Bobbie, and I left Kansas City on July 6th.

Our First Stop was Abilene, Kansas and the Eisenhower Presidential Museum and Library

We were told that this was the best place in Abilene to eat, but it was closed and wouldn't be opened until after we left. We found a place that may not have been the worst but came close.

Snuffy's Diner

Then it was off to the Eisenhower Museum.

This building is known as the Place of Meditation where Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower are buried.

D-Day Notes and Planning

Ike was a Life Long Baseball Fan

The following are from both outside and inside the museum but in no particular order.

Presidential Portrait

Memorials Outside the Museum

Inside the Museum with the Four of Us

Portrait of Mamie Eisenhower

(David, Bruce, and Janie)

(Ms. Janie Eleanor)

(Bruce and David)

War Time Cadillacs

(Janie and David)

(An Early Teleprompter)

(Early Childhood Toys)

(The Eisenhower Abilene Family Home)

When we left Abilene, we were traveling both South and West. We drove through Oklahoma enroute to Albuquerque and Gallop in New Mexico before reaching the Grand Canyon (0ne of our primary goals).


(Duo Senes Viri)

(Janie, David, and Bruce)

(David, Bobbie, and Bruce)

(Bobbie's Craft Person)

(Back in the Hotel)

The next morning we find ourselves on our way to Gallup, NM to have lunch with a friend of David's.

Gallup is also the home of the Navajo Indians who used their native language during World War II as a secret unbreakable code.

(Just Me)

(Dave, Bruce, and Janie)


(Bruce and Janie with I don't know who *?*)

(A Kiva was a ceremonial room. Its basic structure developed ancestral Pueblo pithouses. Various activities took place here including storage, ceremonies, rites, and festivals. Public portions of these ceremonies were usually held in the plaza.)

The Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest were both wonders of nature and unique individually. Yet, sometimes beauty is actually in the eye of the beholder, as much as Park Officials made of the Petrified Forest, Bobbie and I enjoyed the Painted Desert. It was now time to move onto the Grand Canyun.

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