New York City

New Harbor, Maine

July 10 - 21, 2008

Bruce and Bobbie on the Roof of the Metropolitan Museum, NYC

We decided that a less hectic trip this summer was what we needed after our "Friends and Family Tour of the Midwest" last Summer. It was mostly an R & R Vacation spending a week in New Harbor, Maine with two days in New York City on our way north and two days in Boston on our way back to Virginia. We also invited our good friends Roger and Calvin who live in NYC to spend the week with us in Maine. It was fun, relaxing, and over before we knew it. Yet as I get older there is one part of each trip I take that becomes increasingly important each year and that is finally getting home. It makes no difference how long or how exciting any of our sojourns have been there is nothing that replaces walking into your own home and sleeping in your own bed again. There is one more item that I can add to this list which is quite revealing of how "SENEX" I have become and that is enjoying the convience of my own bathroom and shower.

We left the Washington DC area and arrived in NYC without encountering any serious rush hour traffic which was a minor miracle and a major blessing if you know anything of these two wonderful cities. We started our trip out since we were in NYC by going to the Theater. We pampered ourselves a little by getting a hotel in Times Square which was right aound the corner from the Gershwin Theater where we saw 'Wicked'. It is a very interesting look at the Land of OZ before Dorothy. It almost becomes a play within a play where the Dorothy story takes a back seat to a very different plot..

The Gershwin Theater

Before The Play

Land of Oz

People Taking Their Seats

Then We Needed To Take Our Seats

Bobbie and Bruce

Calvin and Roger

Roger and Bruce

After The Play

Bobbie, Bruce, and Roger

Calvin, Bruce, and Roger

It was a very enjoyable evening though a bit late. We were not planning on making the trip to Maine until the next morning which gave us a whole day in New York though I knew four hours would be about my limit. For a number of years before my retirement I would take my Latin students (every other year) on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum. I haven't had the opportunity to go to the Met since 2000 so this seemed like an opportunity that I shouldn't ignore. This is a museum that one could spend days in and still have more to see than time would allow. What I am going to share with you doesn't even scratch the surface of what this museum has to offer. They are presented in no thematic or chronological order. I do hope you enjoy them.

A Maid Asleep

A Woman Reading: 1869-70

Allegory of the Catholic Faith

An Egyptian Peasant Woman and Her Child: 1869-70

Ancient Rome

Anthony van Dyck - Self Poortrait

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier and His Wife: 1788

Arabs Crossing the Desert: 1870's

Ariadne in Naxos: 1894

Bacchante in a Landscape: 1865-70

Bellona - Roman Goddess of War

Birth of Venus

Bruce Late in the Day

Bruce Getting Tired

Bruce and Rodin

Claes Duyst van Voorhout

Copenhagen Harbor by Moonlight: 1846

Countess Alexander Nikolaevich Lamsdorff

Echo: 1874

The Almeh: 1873

The Champion Single Scull
(Max Schmitt in a Single Scull): 1871

Environs of Jerusalem: 1880

Florinda: 1853

Flowers and Woman

Graziella: 1878

Hagar in the Wilderness: 1835

Interior of Saint Peter's Rome

Interior with a Young Woman

Jacques Louis Leblanc: 1823

Madame Jacques Louis Leblanc: 1823

James Abbott McNeil Whistler: 1885

James Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Lennox

Joan of Arc

La Belle: 1865-66

Madame X
(Madame Pierre Gautreau): 1883-84

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints

Male Nude Seen From Behind

Man in Oriental Costume
(The Noble Slav)


Merry Makers at Shrovetide: 1615

Modern Rome (17th Century)

Mr and Mrs L N Phelps Stokes: 1897

Nude with a Flowering Branch: 1863

Odalisque: 1824-34


Pope Gregory XVI: 1843

Portia: 1886

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of Theodore Duret: 1883

Pygmalion and Galatea: ca 1890

A Woman Reading

Roman Girl at a Fountain: 1875

Roman Ruins - Jerusalem

Rubens, His Wife Helena Fourment, and Their Son Peter Paul

Salome: 1879

Self Portrait of Rembrandt

Sibylle: ca 1870


Springtime: 1873

Study of a Young Woman

Study of Female Nude

Tea: 1872

The Collector of Prints: 1861

The Dance Class: 1874

The Death of Socrates

The Eruption of Vesuvius: 1824

The Lute Player

The Musicians

The Natchez: 1835

The River Pierre Puvis de Chavannes: ca 1865

The Shepherd's Song

The Thinker
(Portrait of Louis N Kenton: 1900)

The Toilet of Batsheba

Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis

Venus and Cupid

Venus and the Lute Player

Ville'd Avray: 1870

Wolf and Fox Hunt

Woman Seated with Child

Young Man and Woman in a Inn

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher

Young Woman with Ibises

There is so much more to be seen than you could imagine. We had arrived at the Met about 10:00 in the morning and by 2:00 that afternoon I began to tire out so much I wasn't sure I could make it back to the hotel. Yet, I knew I had a companion who didn't want to leave until we had a chance to visit the 'Roof Top Garden'

Roof Top Garden: Bruce Resting on Bench while Bobbie takes her Pics

View of Central Park

Skyline of NYC from the Roof Top Garden

Jeff Koons Sculptor
Pay Attention to the Reflections

Sacred Heart

Bruce at the 'Sacred Heart'

Bruce and Bobbie

The Coloring Book

'Balloon Dog'

The Roof Top Garden

We needed transpotation to and from the Metropolitan but found it easier and cheaper to use a taxi than our own van. They have a SUV style taxi since the last time we were in the City and it was ideal for our purose. It was higher than a car making access much easier for me and there was room in the rear for my wheel chair. We went back to the hotel to rest and relax which was just fine with me. Roger came by after he got off from work for a visit which lasted well after our bedtime. New Harbor was a seven hour drive from NYC so we were up early and had cleared the City by 8:00. The fact that it was Saturday morning was a definite advantage in easing our travel time out of the City. Calvin was working Saturday morning so they made their way north later that afternoon.

The Moorings - New Harbor, Maine

The Moorings - Entrance

The Gatehouse at The Moorings would be our home for the next week.

Gatehouse: View From Beneath

The Gatehouse Deck

Bruce Enjoying the Cool Ocean Air Shortly after Our Arrival

Bruce on his Computer

I moved inside to avoid the glare on my computer screen while Bobbie went shopping for some food. We had wireless connection provided to us at the Moorings. I am not necessarily saying that is a good thing because I know how easy it is to get tied to our adult toys.

Bruce and Roger

Roger and Calvin got a late start out of the City so of course got to New Harbor late that evening but who counts minutes or much less hours when you are on vacation. I remained at the Gatehouse while Bobbie, Calvin, and Roger took a walk investigating everything at the Moorings.

New Harbor from Our Deck

The Moorings - Fountain

The Moorings - Looking Up

The Moorings - More to See

The Moorings: Office

The Moorings - Our Neighbor

The Moorings: Outside the Gatehouse

The Moorings: Swimming Pool

The Moorings: Tennis Court

July 14, 1979

We were at New Harbor on July 14th which was also our 29th Anniversary. It is a special day for us but not one that necessitates some grandiose event other than being able to share that day remembering all of our wonderful yesterdays and holding in our hearts the hope and expectation of all those tomorrows yet to be. This day was made even more special by having two friends like Roger and Calvin to share it with us.

Bobbie and Bruce

We were in Maine so we decided what would be more appropriate than to celebrate this day with a 'Lobster Dinner'.


OMG! Did I eat all that?


Calvin and Roger


New Harbor is located on a Peninsula and at the very end of it you will find Pemaquid Point with one of the more famous 'Light Houses' in Maine. There are some days in coastal areas like this when the fog comes in making visibility very difficult. While we were there we went to Pemaquid Point twice since our first visit was quite foggy we returned on a day that was clear though the fog had a beauty of its own.

Near Pemaquid Point

Pemaquid Point on a Foggy Day

Pemaquid Point Light House

Misty Seashore


Foggy Day

Bruce and Roger


Rocky Terrain

The Mist Rising

Rough Coast

Through a Glass Darkly


The Mist Again

The End of a Foggy Day

Pemaquid Point on a Clear Day

Pemaquid Point Light House on a Clear Day

Videre Est Credere

Pemaquid Point

On a Clear Day

Rocky Seashore

Pemaquid Point

A Clear Day

A Clear Day on Pemaquid Point

The Mist

We took one more outing while we were in New Harbor. We took a short boat ride on what is called a 'Puffin Watch'. I know very little about this cold water bird other than what we were told in Maine. The Puffin had become extinct in America and was reintroduced by importing chicks from Iceland. It is a small bird with a large orange beak. Check out the Puffin Project.

Puffin Watch: Roger and Bruce

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch: New Harbor

Puffin Watch: Bruce and Bobbie

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch: Bobbie and Calvin

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

Puffin Watch

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