Meg's Graduation

May 23, 2008

Meg Posing Before Commencement Ceremonies

Bobbie and I were able to fly out for Meg's High School Graduation which seemed to go so fast. We flew out on Thursday and back again on Monday. The academic school year is ending or has already ended for so many in the Mid West, but Bobbie doesn't finish her school year until June 20th. Then she is back to work again by the middle of August with not quite sixty days off before a new school year begins, but this about Meg not Bobbie.

We arrived on Thursday and were able to attend Baccalaureate with Meg and Janie. Anne, Kaitlin, and Brian also made it time for Baccalaureate as well. Dave got home late Thursday night with Mark showing up Friday morning (I think). I get my facts a little confused at times, but I can usually sort things out eventually. The next to arrive were Matt, Brooke, Kellen, and Kyler with the Kansas City contingent of Mom, George, Douglas, and Sue ariving not much later. We all (fourteen of us or somewhere close to that) went out for lunch before having to worry about the evening Commencement Ceremonies.

Meg and her Grandmother at Lunch

There are always obligatory pictures or ones not so obligatory that you simply can't miss on a Graduation Day. Where do you start? Where one should always start - WITH THE lADIES.

Meg and her Mother

Meg and her Grandmother

Meg and Aunt Bobbie

Just a few more pictures inside with Uncle Bruce and then we can go to the BIG SHOW.

Meg and Uncle Bruce

Meg, Kyler, and Uncle Big Beard

The usual venue for Graduation every year is the football stadium at the high school, but there was a minor problem with that plan since the stadium is undergoing major reconstruction. The alternative, I think, was actually much nicer. Jeff City is the State Capitol and they graciously gave the school system permission to hold its commencement ceremonies on the lawn of the State House. There were many who were worried about the possibility of rain, but the rain held off making graduation very picturesque for everyone to enjoy.

Mom, I'm ready to go!

Missouri State House

Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto

Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto

I don't know whether I am being appropriate or not using Meg's Graduation Day to make a political statement of my own, so I ask her forgiveness if she thinks I am being intrusive. Remember, though, I am only a SENEX MAGISTER. This quote on the Pediment of the State House comes from the Roman Politician and Statesman Cicero. The key word is 'Esto' which is a future imperative, so it is not stating a fact but a potential hope or wish. Let (or May) the Welfare of the People Be the Highest Law. It does not use the indicative 'Est' (or is) to state a fact. 'Suprema' carries more than the idea of the highest. It is saying that the welfare which can also be translated as safety is the highest PRIORITY of the State. My only problem with it is that it is a wish or a hope when it ought to be a fact.

Thomas Jefferson

(My favorite quote from Thomas Jefferson ~Senex Magister)

Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism. ~Thomas Jefferson~

Family and friends began to arrive early to make sure they all had a good seat for Commencement. We had two Beautiful Guardian Angels, Anne and Kaitlin O'Leary, who spent a good part of the afternoon on the lawn of the State House to make sure the entire clan had a seat. Scott and Leann also arrived as the crowd began to grow. There were 581 Graduates so it was a large class but even as expeditious as they were it was dark before graduation was over, but that did not diminish from the picturesque nature of our setting.

People Arriving at the State House

Meg Posing before Graduation Begins

Meg Looking Very Happy

A Proud Mother

Family Surveying Anne's Seating for the Clan

Brooke and Matt Diligently Reading Their Programs

Matt in a Serious State of Contemplation

Scott With His Back To Us

Scott Speaking to Matt

Uncle Scott, Did You See That!

Senex Magister (aka Uncle Big Beard) Waiting for the Ceremony to Begin

Everyone Rises as the Class of 2008 Begins to March

The Class of 2008 - Commencement Begins

Administrators, School Board Members, and Special Guests
Watch as the Class of 2008 Take Their Seats

Music Provided by the Symohonic Band

Commencement Address

I thought this next portion of the ceremony was quite nice where a former alumna/alumnus was honored with an award from the Alumni Association. Her remarks, though brief, were very poignant. She mentioned that she had graduated from high school during a time of war and how she would volunteer with the Red Cross preparing bandages for the battle front. She also pointed out a distinct difference between 1944 and 2008 where World War II was a truly 'National Struggle' affecting the whole nation whether it was service in the Armed Forces or rationing of food and vital commodities to fight and pay for the war unlike what we see in Iraq today.

Introduction of the Alumni Association's Honoree

1944 Alumna Honored by the Alumni Association

I have attended many High School Commencements over the years having taught Latin for twenty six years in a public high school in Virginia. In most high schools your salutatorian would be number two in the class and of course the Valedictorian would be number one in the class. Meg's school has a practice that impressed me very much. Every student who earned a 4.0 or above was recognized as a Salutatorian of the class. My niece was number five in her class and one of forty two salutatorians.

Meg Recognized as One of the Salutatorians

Watching Her Step Down the Steps of the State House

Meg Recieves Her Diploma

We apologize for the quality of this last photograph but day light quickly turned to night, but the real problem was a 'gentleman' walking in front of Bobbie as she was trying to take this picture. There were a few pictures that I thought came out rather nicely showing a different perspective of the State House at night.

The State House at Night

The State House After Dark

Final View of the State House

We were very fortunate with the weather which could have forced the ceremony inside keeping most of us outside, but God smiled on us though it was only until Saturday morning. Meg's parents planned a 'Family Cook Out' for Saturday morning and it went on just as if the sun was shining bright in the SKY.

Mom and Douglas

Doug, Sue, Kyler, and Matt

Meg, Kyler, and Matt

The Chef

Brian, Kellen, and Janie

Around the Table

Janie Organizing Pictures
Where is Bobbie?

Brooke, Matt, and Kyler

Listening to Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma
An All in One Package

Meg's Cake

The Graduate
What a Pretty Lady!

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